Olivia passionately travels around the globe and transforms the worldly beauty into her jewelries. She sculpts precious gems into art pieces, and shares the voyages with her customers by creating elegant yet uniquely design jewelries.

Inspire by the love for Europe’s finest metal artistry, Olivia’s jewelries unmask the delicacy within the hardest natural materials. With Art Nouveau undertones, each piece is elegantly understated and modernly classic, perfect for everyday and every occasion. Her jewelries reveal Olivia’s masterful fine craftsmanship and appreciation for different gem and metal’s aesthetic quality. Until today, OLIVIA YAO JEWELLERY’s accessible contemporary price and unique designs of gemstones are still unchallenged in semi fine jewelry market.

Graduated with a MA from The School of jewelry in Birmingham and is GIA certificated for analyzing diamonds, Olivia’s designs are further refined while working in London. It was then that Olivia flourished under the innovative spirit of London’s creative scene and infused with her sophisticated vision of the beauty of East, re-defining a style unique to herself.