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28 Jan.2017

Olivia Yao on Starting her Jewellery Business and Creative Vision







“I draw shapes whenever I see or think of something beautiful. When I have enough sources of shapes and ideas, I combine them into a story to make these loose ends become a collection.” -Olivia
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11 Nov.2016

英國皇室御用唐寧茶聯手三大藝術創作家 11/10華麗進駐華山文創園區


TWININGS 唐寧英國皇室御用茶不斷致力於將淬鍊三世紀的茶藝專業轉化為現代時尚生活型態。今年在擁有台北最美麗風景的華山文創園區打造出「唐寧茶饗全感空間 Twinings Inspiring Space」,於11/10(週四)正式登場。唐寧茶致力於英國茶文化與台灣現代生活的結合,希冀能為台灣當代緊湊的生活步調,帶來緩和的空間。珠寶設計師 Olivia Yao 為呈現 TWININGS 歷經三世紀的複合花果的調茶技藝,以多元媒材、結合異文化之意象,表現出沖茶時茶葉緩緩舒展、靈動沉浮於金黃色茶湯的美好瞬間,設計出專屬於 TWININGS 的裝置藝術「時光淬鍊」。(繼續閱讀…)


17 Oct.2016

Milk Magazine | 淡藍色的32歲 楊丞琳



戲劇新作《荼蘼》與第十張專輯《年輪說》幾乎同時間推出,能演、能唱的楊丞琳,回首在演藝圈的時光,已經默默的要邁入十七年。從一開始不服輸、拼命衝刺的前十年,到現在懂得醞釀、懂得放緩享受生活的蛻變, 雖然她感觸的說再也回不去當年小女孩的奮不顧身與純真可愛,不過今時今日眼前的她,擁有好耐看、不空浮的美,內心底層散發的成熟優雅,無論是拍攝、採訪或是休息片刻,她自然散發的美好,教人著迷與愛上,期待透過誌上訪問,讓讀者們貼近她再多一些,點開《年輪說》專輯的每一首歌,更明白她想分享的心緒。



18 Nov.2015


Schön! | Taipei In Style

In the realm of accessories, Olivia Yao’s jewelry and Anni King’s bags were winners. After graduating from the School of Jewellery in Birmingham, designer Olivia Yao proceeded to launch her own brand with stores now in Hong Kong and Shanghai. Her elegant jewelry can be worn multiple ways as gemstones can be mixed and matched with the simple release of magnets. Utilizing mother of pearls, African rubies, and other dazzling gems in her work, Yao hones in on a lavish bohemian vibe in long gold chains and “floating” rings. When wearing Yao’s jewelry, one is transported to an exotic land of sophistication and adventure. (Read more …)

18 Nov.2015


Olivia Yao brings delicate jewellery to In Bed With Designers Hong Kong | curated by buyMe Design

Olivia Yao is a Taiwanese designer known for her elegant design that integrates tenderness of the East and innovative spirit of the West. Infatuated with the splendor of precious stones, Olivia is dedicated to creating jewellery designs that blend contemporary trends with timeless sophistication. Influenced by Art Nouveau, Olivia appreciates the natural uniqueness of each and every piece of material, and seeks to uncover the glamour of precious stones with refined artistry. As a global trekker, Olivia draws inspiration from her travels, and integrates these adventures in creative themes.

We spoke to Olivia to find out why she is looking forward to In bed With Designers, our upcoming design event at the Ovolo Southside Hotel in Hong Kong, and which beautiful jewellery designs she will be exhibiting there. (Read more … )